Flowers Icehouse
Flowers: Icehouse (1980)
Icehouse Primitive Man
Icehouse: Primitive Man (1982)
Icehouse Sidewalk
Icehouse: Sidewalk (1984)
Icehouse Measure For Measure
Icehouse: Measure for Measure (1986)
Icehouse Man Of Colours
Icehouse: Man Of Colours (1987)
Icehouse Great Southern Land
Icehouse: Great Southern Land (1989)
Icehouse Code Blue
Icehouse: Code Blue (1990)
Icehouse Big Wheel
Icehouse: Big Wheel (1993)
Icehouse The Berlin Tapes
Icehouse: Berlin Tapes (1995)
Flowers Icehouse
Flowers: 30th Anniversary Reissue (2011)
Icehouse White Heat
Icehouse: White Heat (2011)
Icehouse: DubHOUSE (2013)
Icehouse Live
Icehouse: Live in Concert (2015)

  Can't Help Myself (AUS)
  We Can Get Together (AUS)
  Walls (AUS)

Love in Motion
  Love in Motion (AUS)

Icehouse Great Southern Land
  Great Southern Land
Icehouse Hey Little Girl
  Hey Little Girl
Icehouse Street Cafe
  Street Cafe
Icehouse Uniform
Taking The Town
  Taking The Town
Dont Believe Anymore
  Don't Believe Anymore
Icehouse Dusty Pages
  Dusty Pages
Icehouse No Promises
  No Promises
Icehouse Baby Your So Strange
 Baby You're So Strange
Icehouse Mr Big
  Mr. Big
Icehouse Cross The Border
  Cross The Border
Icehouse Paradise
Icehouse Crazy
Icehouse CElectric Blue
  Electric Blue
Icehouse My Obsession
  My Obsession
Icehouse Man Of Colours
  Man Of Colours
Icehouse Nothing too Serious
  Nothing Too Serious
Icehouse Touch The Fire
  Touch The Fire
Icehouse Jimmy Dean
  Jimmy Dean
Icehouse Big Fun
  Big Fun
Icehouse Miss Divine
  Miss Divine
Icehouse Anything Is Possible
  Anything Is Possible
Icehouse Where The River Meets The Sea
  Where The River Meets The Sea

Love in Motion 93
  Love in Motion 93
Icehouse Satellite
Icehouse Big Wheel
  Big Wheel
Icehouse Invisible People
  Invisible People

Icehouse Heaven
Icehouse Complicated Game
  Complicated Game