Taking The Town

First Released: 22-April-1984

This song was released in Australia as 7” with “Dance On” as the B-side, and a 12” extended mix with “Taking The Town” and “Dance On” on its B-Side. In the UK and Europe it was released as a 7” and a 12” extended version, with B-Side tracks “Java” and “Taking The Town”, and a special 12” US release featuring “Taking The Town” on both sides. The single was also released in Japan. “Taking The Town” reached the Australia Top 30 and featured a high- production quality video clip.

AUS 7" RRSP 733
A - Taking The Town
B - Dance On

  AUS 12" RRT 611
A - Taking The Town (Extended Mix)
B - Dance On; Taking The Town

UK 7"
A - Taking The Town
B - Java

  UK 12"
A - Taking The Town (Extended)
B - Java; Taking The Town

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