No Promises

First Released: 1-November-1985

“No Promises” was first a single released from the Boxes album – Iva Davies’ critically acclaimed soundtrack of the Sydney Dance Company’s production – and later included as a track on ICEHOUSE’s fourth album Measure For Measure. “No Promises” was released a 7” single with the “The Perfect Crime” as the B-Side and also as a 12” extended mix, with B-Side tracks “The Tempest” and “Terra Incognito”. “No Promises” charted in the Top 30 in Australia and Europe, and in the US Top 100, and cracked the Top 10 in both the US Rock and Dance Singles charts. “No Promises” was voted as the best single of the year 1986 by Rolling Stone Magazine critics.

UK 7" CHS 2978
A - No Promises
B - The Perfect Crime

  UK 12" 12 2978
A - No Promises (Extended Mix)
B - The Perfect Crime; No Promises

EU 7" 107 964
A - No Promises
B - The Perfect Crime
  Produced by Rhett Davies
Mixed by David Lord

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