ICEHOUSE issue 2 huge career-spanning remix collections over 49 tracks

ICEHOUSE has long been a favourite of the remixing fraternity, the band’s tracks having been blessed with remixes throughout the world, offering what Chris Johnston of The Age dubbed ‘a kind of post-disco, pre-house, percussive dance music’.

Released via digitally on Friday September 13th, ICEHOUSE ‘The Extended Mixes Volumes 1 and 2’, spans 49 glorious remix treatments compiled together for the first time. These compilations satisfy the long-held desire of ICEHOUSE fans for an exhaustive collection of mixes which have in the past been cherished rarities. Many compiled here are available digitally for the very first time.

ICEHOUSE formed at a time when the extended mix was making its way into popular culture thanks to the sheer characteristics of the 12” format, on which many of these recordings were originally released – spreading one song over 12 inches of vinyl allowed for the creation of longer versions of the track being produced and promoted. Also the width of grooves allowed better reproduction of the bass frequencies dance music is known for so with up to 20 minutes to play with, there was plenty of scope for studio experimentation.

‘When I formed the band in 1977 the extended remix excitement was just beginning to have an impact. By the time our debut album arrived, the 12” format was well established - and over following albums I eventually got brave enough to create my own extended mixes’ remarks Iva. ‘I always looked for interesting collaborators or interpreters of the song; there were many people who took us through unexpected sonic journeys…It’s an exciting experience to hear my songs interpreted by such talented people’. Icehouse – The Extended Mixes Volume 1 and 2 are out Friday 13th September.

Icehouse – The Extended Mixes: Vol 1

Combines 24 dance mixes of Icehouse tracks from all over the globe. Spice is added by the fact that different mixes were only available in different territories, making this the first time they have been available together in the one release. Of particular note – ‘Byrralku Dhangudha’ is a unique remix of ‘Great Southern Land’ featuring members of the Indigenous Australian Bangarra Dance Company singing the chorus in their traditional language.

The Extended Mixes: Vol 1 TRACK LIST:

01. Can’t Help Myself (US Club Mix)
02. Hey Little Girl (12” Version)
03. Great Southern Land
04. Glam (12” Version)
05. Uniform (Extended Mix)
06. Taking The Town (Extended Dance Mix)
07. No Promises (US Club Mix)
08. Cross The Border (Steel Love) (Dance Mix)
09. Mr. Big (Extended Version)
10. Crazy (12“ Mix)
11. Electric Blue (12” Version)
12. Satellite (The Ex-static mix)
13. Miss Divine (The Spellbound Mix)
14. Nothing Too Serious (12” Version)
15. Big Fun (12” The Riddler Mix)
16. Hey Little Girl (US Version)
17. No Promises (Extended Mix)
18. Uniform (German Version)
19. Byrralku Dhangudha (‘Great Southern Land’ - Remix)
20. Big Wheel (General Dynamics Mix)
21. Electric Blue (Extended Mix)
22. Lay Your Hands On Me (12”)
23. MLK
24. Dedicated to Glam (12” Mix / ICEHOUSE / 808 State Showdown)

Icehouse – The Extended Mixes: Vol 2

Compiles 25 remixes, cherrypicking treatments from a broad spectrum of artists such as Buckethead (Brian Carroll – who later joined Guns N Roses), keyboardist Bernie Worrell (of Parliament/Funkadelic reknown) and Manchester’s 808 State. The track selection spans all the way from the US version of the band’s first single ‘Can’t Help Myself’ in 1981 through to 2002’s Lay Your Hands On Me. Rounding out the set is the epic 15 minute ‘The Great Southern Mix’ produced and mixed by acclaimed producer Bill Laswell which ICEHOUSE main man Iva Davies calls a “tour de force”.

The Extended Mixes: Vol 2 TRACK LIST:

01. Big Fun (The Mad Hatter Mix)
02. Miss Divine (Mystified Mix)
03. Crazy (Mad Mix)
04. Can’t Help Myself (Version 1)
05. Lay Your Hands On Me (Dark Angel Mix)
06. Dedicated to Glam (12” Mix / ICEHOUSE / 808 State Showdown)
07. Hey Little Girl (DJ Darling vs. DJ Sören)
08. Hey Little Girl (Xtended Edit)
09. Cross The Border (Steel Love) (Dub Version)
10. Electric Blue (Dub Mix)
11. No Promises (Dub)
12. Crazy (Midnight Mix)
13. Hey Little Girl (Dub Version)
14. Shakin’ The Cage (Techno)
15. Colours
16. Desdemona
17. Mercy
18. Yo, Micro Babe
19. She Comes
20. Wild
21. Melt Steel (Part 1)
22. Slow Motion
23. Kilimanjaro
24. Blue Noise
25. The Great Southern Mix