Hey Little Girl

First Released: 26-October-1982

“Hey Little Girl”, the Primitive Man album’s second single with the B-Side “Glam”, was released as a 7” version and as a 12” extended mix. “Hey Little Girl” made #7 on the AUS music charts as well as making Top 10 charts across Europe. The single again featured use of the Linn Drum Machine. The stylish video for “Hey Little Girl” was shot by famed Australian music video director Russell Mulcahy. “Hey Little Girl” also appeared on ICEHOUSE’s 1983 five track Fresco EP.

AUS 7" RRSP 721
A - Hey Little Girl
B - Glam (Extended Mix)

  AUS 12" RRT 605
A - Hey Little Girl (Extended Mix); Glam
B - Glam (Extended Dance Mix)

CAN 7" CHS 2577
A - Icehouse
B - Cold Turkey (live)
  Producer: Cameron Allan, Keith Forsey
Label: Regular Records

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