German Release Only: 1994

In 1993 producer Bill Laswell set up a 16-minute remix of the single “Great Southern Land”, featuring Australian Aborigines, Parliament-Funkadelic alumni Bernie Worrell, and avant-garde guitarist Buckethead for inclusion on the 1994 remix compilation Full Circle. An edited version named "Byrralku Dhangudha", with the Aborigines partly singing the chorus in their own language, was included on the EP Spin One in 1993. This same edit was released as a single in Germany in 1994 as "Great Southern Land (1994 version)".

EU CDS 825.425
Great Southern Land (Byrralku Dhangudha version) - 3:47
Dedicated To Glam (12" mix) - 4:25
Great Southern Land (original version) - 5:16

Produced and mixed by Bill Laswell. Engineered by Oz
Fritz. Edit by Iva Davies.
Icehouse / 808 Showdown Remixed by 808 State.
Engineered by Alan Fisch.
Produced by Keith Forsey.

No Official Video Clip