• Break These Chains - 3:40
  • Hey Little Girl - 3:38
  • Over The Line - 2:45
  • Street Cafe - 4:11
  • Glam - 3:18


    Fresco is an early 1983 EP. It contains the same versions of "Hey Little Girl", "Street Cafe" and "Glam" from ICEHOUSE's 1982 album Primitive Man, together with different versions of "Break These Chains" and "Over the Line" (B-side of "Street Cafe"). It was produced by ICEHOUSE founder Iva Davies together with Keith Forsey for Chrysalis Records. R

    Released: 1993

    Produced by Iva Davies and Keith Forsey
    Recorded at Paradise Studios - Sydney, Westlake Audio - Eldorado, and
    Musicland West Studios - Los Angeles
    All titles by Iva Davies © 1982 I.D. Productions Ltd
    Administered throughout the world excluding Australasia by
    Rare Blue Music, Inc (ASCAP)

    Label: Chrysalis Records

    Cover Illustration: Geoffrey Gifford
    Cover Design: Gillian Titus