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So here I am on leave from work for a whole week. It also happens to be the weekend one of the most famous Australian rock bands for 3 decades is heading to Rottnest Island, Western Australia. 3 of my girlfriends & myself are heading over to see the one & only.....Icehouse. A group I have grown up to love in so many ways. I guess in my opinion music has changed a lot since the 80's. Some may say for the better, yet sometimes I question so.

March 23rd 2014, us girls boarded the boat from Hillary's boat harbour Perth to head to the island. The girls I'm with are stoked to have a night with no children & enjoy are wine or two without the Mummy chores. We arrive at the island, check in, shower & head to concert at the Pub only 15 mins drive away.

Ok so I have to admit, around 3000 people attending the venue, the bar service was very below average. After nearly an hour to buy 1 round of drinks, I was beginning to feel a fuse about to blow in the 30 degree heat. But right there & then, that distinct electric guitar, sax & keyboard bounces through the speakers spread around the Pub & I feel the goose bumps starting to wake me up again. The place was jam packed. An amazing age group from 30-50 year olds & by that I just mean no bulls**t causing any dramas. The concert was amazing apart from the little hiccups of not being able to view the band very well & the bar service ( Completely out of the bands control) but........ the bands performance was 10/10.

So as the band is finishing up after playing all the classics of Hey Little girl, No promises ect ect, we have a few more drinks & head back to our chalet about 2 kms away. Now may I add, us girls are in our mid 30's. We have loved 80's music for years & no doubt will do for many years to come. So we settle in with some tunes off the iPod, dance the night away & enjoy the night so close, yet so far away from reality back in Perth only 45mins ferry ride away.

At nearly 11pm we are enjoying ourselves & theres a knock at the door. At 1st us girls thought....... Oh Oh security coming to tell us to get to bed. My friend opens the door & here stands 2 men with a bottle of white & smile from ear to ear. Ok, so no security as we 1st thought but these 2 men, who claimed to be in the band. Pffffttttt.... yeah sure boys & we are the back up singers for the Dixie Chix. Well as it turned out, it was the 2 guys as we quickly investigated. Drummer Paul Wheeler & Bass guitarist Steve Bull.

The boys were staying in separate units around the corner from us & were loving the songs we were belting out from the 80s for all of Rottnest to obviously hear. The part of the Island we were in was dead with activity & these boys were not ready for bed. Now 1st of all a big thank you to you 2 boys who topped our night/year who cares. We stayed up talking for a few hours of life in general over a glass of wine & a cold beer. There was no awkwardness, no disrespect from us or them & YES that is all we did. We sang with one another, some of the big tunes in the 80's & discussed their lives away from the stage. What was good is they were just "normal" no airs & graces no would be's if they could be. They have normal jobs away from the famous part of life & have families just like us. We discussed our lives too!! Our husbands, jobs, kids & the general everyday stuff we all talk about.

We took no photos & that was fine by us too. It was a simple request they asked us NOT to do & we respected that. I guess over time we have Facebook & other social media to blame on that. After all, they are human too & just this night thats all they wanted to be. Not the famous guys we had witnessed 3 hours prior to their visit. So on that note, we may have no photos to remind us of this night, but Paul & Steve you have given us 4 girls a memory to last a lifetime. From Myself Jody, Karen, Michelle & Justine (Who missed the whole thing asleep in the room next door) Thanks for the night I doubt we will ever top a Rottnest weekend like that again.

2010 - Present
Uploaded by: Jody De Britt (Perth WA)

I grew up in Sydney through the 70's and 80's--worked in pubs for a lot of that time,and saw the very best of Oz bands..Flowers,then Icehouse are right up there with the best!! Fast forward to March 20th 2014-Rooty Hill RSL-two best mates,and probably 1000 other loyal followers had an AWESOME night rocking along to a band that is EVERY BIT as good as they were back in the day!!

Thanks Iva and the boys for bringing the memories flooding back-I was in a time warp...YOU ROCK!!!

2010 - Present
Uploaded by: Dizza

Icehouse, to me, is Austrailia's Def Leppard. I'm a big Leppard fan, so the similarity drew me to Icehouse. As you could guess, I only knew about Icehouse because of Yahoo Serious. I liked the song "Great Southern Land", so picked up the tape. We're talking cassette tape. It was a while ago. No internet where one click will give you their entire discography! I liked the Album. "Cross the Border", "Don't Believe Anymore", "Touch the Fire". There were so many great tracks. The band was unknown in the USA, with no magazine or media coverage, even up to today in 2014! Thanks to Youtube, I actually got to see the band live. The revamp of "Man of Colours" was amazing.

I learned to play bass to these songs. "Trojan Blue" is a great way to learn your instrument of choice. Icehouse was always my dirty secret band.
What are you listening to? Megadeth? Metallica? Pantera? Black Sabbath?
No Icehouse?
Huh, what?

Being a bass player, it suited me just fine. Later, I learned other instruments and went on to write my own songs. So, Iva Davies, see if you can hear your influence in my tunes. (They're just demos, nothing professional.) (I know, no links, but this one's for Iva.)

Did I cover everything? Funny Yahoo Serious movie, picked up the album on cassette, and that's all she wrote...since I could never find a magazine that wrote anthing about Icehouse in the States! (This was WAY before the internet!) Icehouse inspires me to write songs. I think Icehouse had a direct link to forming my style of music tastes. Songs like "No Promises" was just so much more fun to play along to on guitar or bass. It would have been fun to see them live in concert. (Actually, thanks again to Youtube!)


Boston, MA.
United States.

1987 - 1988 (Man Of Colours era)
Uploaded by: Abbernomad, Boston, MA USA

I've just read the story of a fan who missed out on attending the Man of Colours concert in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Small world, I was at that very concert! All I remember is being about 4 rows back from the stage with a superb view of Mr Davies. I will forever remember the moment Iva looked down from the stage and looked straight at me, holding my gaze for a few seconds. Swoon ... One of these days, I'm going to get to Aussie for another gig and say hello in person! 27 years later but better late than never huh!

1987 - 1988 (Man Of Colours era)
Uploaded by: The colours don't rhyme..

After seeing Icehouse last week at Crown at Melbourne I felt compelled to share my story. It was around 1979 or 1980 at the Melbourne Showgrounds at the Centenary Hall. We'd heard about this band Flowers emerging. On this night they were playing with Midnight Oil and Boys next door(Nick Caves early band). They were a great live band then and were excellent last week. Icehouse has remained a special part of my life from my youthful days of great live concerts to today. A great Aussie band playing their own material...bring those days back !!!

1977 - 1980 (Flowers era)
Uploaded by: Wazman

I had the privilege, several times, of being the ONLY audience member present watching Flowers - the best "covers band" Sydney's pub scene had in 1977-78. Marquee Moon (Television) and All the way to Memphis (Mott the Hoople) remain favourites to this day. Word spread quickly and Flowers outgrew the small pubs, then with great original material making its way into the mix, the juggernaut that became Icehouse was launched.
Its great to see Iva these days smiling and enjoying the "fun" in music.

1977 - 1980 (Flowers era)
Uploaded by: Marion - the First Fan

Icehouse were the first live band I saw supporting home town heroes Simple Minds at the old Apollo Glasgow. First song played 'Icehouse'

To be honest they blew Simple Minds away with their musicianship and clarity of sound.

Still love them 30+ years later. Come back to Britain!!!

1981 - 1983 (Primitive Man era)
Uploaded by: bluegeo64

I saw Flowers at The Playroom in Tallebudgera on May 30, 1981 and was hooked from that day forward. Their next tour to south-east Queensland was Nov 30, 1981 at Cloudland Ballroom in Brisbane with two support acts... a new band called The Divinyls and a relatively unknown act from Scotland called Simple Minds. This was a remarkable experience!!! I don't think I missed any Icehouse tours during the 80's but the most memorable was at Bombay Rock on the Gold Coast around Aug 1984. I sat quietly inside the venue during the sound check and asked Iva if he minded singing a few records. Iva was happy to sign all 26 albums, singles, imports etc. I recall his manager wasn't impressed with my hand-painted Primitive Man T-shirt but Iva calmed him down and said it was OK -- thanks for not suing me :)
I had the privilege of meeting Iva again after seeing Berlin in Melbourne in the mid to late 90’s.
Thank you Iva for the great memories, amazing music & live performances!

1977 - 1980 (Flowers era)
Uploaded by: Carlo

My favourite growing up band and want to org a reunion with
Flowers playing! Would of seen them over 10 times live at
Various syd venues! Please let me know if want to play sumwhere
soon! Wat about the concert for the fires which is getting organise

1977 - 1980 (Flowers era)
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I have admired & adored Iva for years and saw Icehouse at Empire in Adelade on the Big Wheel tour, I became one of the fans I have always scoffed at but I cried when Iva came on stage and the light was on his face , the opening song was Icehouse, just awesome & still a massive fan.

1993 - 1994 (Big Wheel era)
Uploaded by: Huge Iva fan

When Flowers came on the scene with Cant Help Myself way back in the early 80's I remember I was still at high school.Then the Icehouse album came out.On the weekends I used to work at Kmart and got $25 for Friday night and Saturday morning.Then Iva stepped things up a notch with Primitive Man.Eventually I saved up enough money to buy my first car for $900,an EH Holden.Then Iva released one of my favourite Australian albums in Sidewalk.So I had to have some music to play on the way to Kmart so we used to tape our records on these funny tape things called cassettes.Flowers morphed into Icehouse and after all this time he sounds better than ever.You left the scene way to early and I'm glad you are back.

2010 - Present
Uploaded by: Willo

I was maybe 10? when Hey Little Girl was a hit; I remember listening to it in my friends' father's company-supplied Corolla sedan, in "quadraphonic stereo"; the sales pitch worked when I was 10, now a few years down the track, quadraphonic stereo? Hey, Little Girl, you've been had.

But, I was blown away on the night of Rockalonga, in Yarrawonga in 1988. We'd recently graduated high school; and my mates and I bunched up at the bridge pub before the concert. Wandered across to the showgrounds. Settled in with the support bands. And then it happened.

Not a note-by-note performance of the Man of Colours album, but a true representation of the recording; something that told me there was talent on stage. Not a made-up band; this was a band of musicians. Who found themselves in a hick country town. And it was the best thing ever.

Thanks, 1988 Icehouse. You ruined pop music for me :) Manufactured bands; hype, and publicity. I didn't need that anymore. I saw Icehouse. I danced. I screamed. I laughed. I loved. Still do; despite the lack of the 80s mullet on Iva.

1987 - 1988 (Man Of Colours era)
Uploaded by: Ayr

At the Capitol theatre......

Midnight Oil
Simple Minds

Just pure energy.....

Can still see it.....

Icehouse is still my most played Aussie album........

Perfect mix of tracks

Perfect artwork

Perfect sounds.....

1977 - 1980 (Flowers era)
Uploaded by: Luke151165

Hi.....growing up with Icehouse (formerly Flowers), I really loved their music and finally went to a couple of shows, one in Perth and the most recent Broome...I couldn't believe how great they sounded and danced all night until the last well as Broome... Iva is one gorgeous man and if I hadn't been with my partner, I would have been the groupie and hopefully would have met him...(let's be honest, every woman at both shows we're probably thinking the same thing )....anyhow, I was absolutely taken aback tonight when a friend of mine (in the industry) made a comment suggesting that this amazing musician may actually have a preference for his gender..... When I went to the Arias a few years ago (the person who mentioned this and who has now become good friends of ours were placed in the rock and roll hall of fame) I saw Iva with his wife and family (I know that doesn't mean anything in this day and age) I thought back then how hot he looked .....I have no problem with anyones orientation, I just hope that its false or at the very least he is bi....
I would still love his music, but the song Hey little girl ....won't be quite the same for me....
I hope no offense is taken by this, I just want to know...

Thanks Vanessa

2010 - Present
Uploaded by: Ness

Hi, I just wanted to thank Icehouse for an amazing show at Cable Beach on Sunday night.......It was the second time in a few months that I was able to seethem (first, Perth Zoo of all places )and I just rocked out to his music both times.....I really wish I had the chance to meet Iva, he is still hot......perhaps third time lucky..... Please come back to Perth soon....I love your music and your style.....
Thanks again Ness xxxx

2010 - Present
Uploaded by: Ness


We're celebrating where I work by having an Icehouse music marathon in your honour!

Enjoy your day,
Dusty Pages

2010 - Present
Uploaded by: Dusty Pages

I worked for am Adelaide radio station so got to meet Iva before the gig with a couple of punters. I made a comment about the new album (Big Wheel), commenting that song of the songs had a bit of an older Icehouse sound. I think it was taken the wrong way, I was trying to say that the music had a familiar feel which made it easy to digest and enjoy. I really hope Iva didn't take it the wrong way - my comments were meant to be positive :) The album is still one of my favourites. I've been stewing over this possible misunderstanding for almost 20 years! I loved the gig that night though, awesome as you'd expect!

1993 - 1994 (Big Wheel era)
Uploaded by: Radio Rambler

I am such a fan of the wonderful Icehouse! I have been since I was a child! Infact I had a giant poster of Iva (that I begged the local record store for) and I use to ask my mum to take photos of me standing near the poster while I listened to my icehouse tape! It was a long week before the film was developed! :)
I was fortunate enough to meet Iva at an Australia Day function in 2006 and I have to say that he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. A moment I will treasure forever (along with the photo and signed napkin!!).
I recently saw Icehouse in concert and they are still as captivating as ever. The whole theatre were on their feet dancing up a storm.
Please keep doing what you do best icehouse!

1989 - 1992 (Code Blue era)
Uploaded by: Bettina

To Mr Davies

My Wife and I got tickets to see you live at the Perth Zoo, it was the best concert so far we have been to for a while, we were lucky enough to get VIP, was good to see you back stage to answer Question's you answered every question put to you so honestly, you are an Amazing Guy, going strong, if you ever come to perth again we will be seeing you again, dam shame we could not get a photo or our tickets Signed as as the host said to line get ready to have your Stuff you would like signed, well bugger me we may as well have left which we did the line was just to long, by the time you would have got to us, you would have been buggered after that performance then signing and chatting to fans, Thanks Again for a great night.

2010 - Present
Uploaded by: Dom and Marissa

Hi Guys,

Thank you for making the trip over to Western Australia to Perth Zoo.
It was great to see you again.
I grew up in New Zealand in the late 80's, I remember Iva Davies and Icehouse being in Tauranga New Zealand, that was my first gig I went too. Loved the show then,and rocked it out again. Brillantly performed guys. Iva it must be fantastic to have your song, Man of Colours sang so great. I appreciated the way that song was sang.
It was a true pleasure seeing you all up there.
Many Thanks

Stacey Dixon

1989 - 1992 (Code Blue era)
Uploaded by: Stacey Dixon

I recall the first time I fell in love with Icehouse, Iva Davies' voice/writing, Man of Colours and the oboe!

It was in 1989 on an American tour bus full of high school student ambassadors in the USSR. So far away from home and not having brought music with me for this long trip, I saw a boy who had brought his Walkman cassette player (remember those!) and I asked to listen to music for a while. He happened to have Man of Colours in the player. I said "I like Crazy and Electric Blue, so why not."

When I got to the title song, it was nothing like I had ever heard before; so atmospheric and it had such a sweet sadness in the melody (is it a Dorian scale?), I was hooked. The oboe threw me over the edge to ecstasy; I was a teenager in love! I kept rewinding the player back to the beginning of the song and never got passed it to the others. That poor boy probably thought he'd never get his Walkman back!

To this day, Man of Colours is one of my most favorite songs (of all, not just Icehouse), and as a songwriter, I have tried to write my own "Man of Colours." I have a lot of songs I've often thought would sound wonderful if I had Iva to arrange and produce them in his style...someday.

Meantime, I'm quite glad he's changed the key for Michael Painter to sing, because now it's a better key for me to sing! ~practicing harmonies for when I get to see them in concert and Iva asks me up onstage...hint, hint

(coming to the USA again? East Coast? Check out Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk CT; great intimate venue to play/hear shows; 2 hours from NYC and an hour from Toads, in New Haven; much nicer facilities too)

Thank you for your music!

1989 - 1992 (Code Blue era)
Uploaded by: Lana

I'm from Viña del Mar, Chile.
In 1990 I was visiting my father in the city of Caracas,
Venezuela. One afternoon, traveling on my own in the
subway, suddenly, I decided to get off at a station unknown
to me. There were several stores and I went into a record
store in which he had never been, and where there was,
mostly, many racks of vinyl records; without thinking I
went specifically to a section, and without looking I put
my hand through several LPs and pulled the album "Sidewalk"
without knowing it was there (and of course I bought it).
I repeat: I had never been in that subway station and, of
course, neither knew the record store.
I was looking for quite some time that Icehouse album.
This is a strange story, but I think all art is weird, and
the wonderful music of Icehouse makes your mind and spirit
take you to the strange world that is also part of you.

I am eternally grateful to Iva Davies & Icehouse.

God bless them.

1984 - 1985 (Sidewalk era)
Uploaded by: Lodenger

So the story starts growing up in brisbane when i first heard street cafe & hey little girl as a 13 yr old & absolutly loving icehouse & from that primitive man album "Great southern land" became my all time favourite song
Now coming to the man of colours album it was expo 88 that I finally got to see iva & icehouse. From the first song " we can get together" where the band started to play in the dark then I saw a figure come from back of the stage, jump to the front & then the lights came on & he started to sing. I have been to see many aussie rock artists in my 43 yrs & it still stands out as 1 of the best.
Now down to 2013, my wife n I went to the caloundra events centre on Australia Day to see them & I forgot about Iva's story telling between songs, apart from the less energy on stage (due to us all being a little older) it was awesome once again
We would defineately see them again

1987 - 1988 (Man Of Colours era)
Uploaded by: Sean Edwards

During the late eighties I enjoyed spending several months attending school and living with relatives in country town Bathurst, as I would come home from school Man of Colours would often be playing up loud to greet me walking in the door, such a beautiful memory I have carried all these years.

I attended the recent concert at Rooty Hill RSL which blew me away, Iva performed with such raw power and emotion, Icehouse was spot on, and just when I thought things couldn’t get any better Michael Paynter stood up to sing my obsession, what command and control he had over his voice, talk about your hair standing up on end!
What a privilege, thank you Iva and thank you Icehouse

2010 - Present
Uploaded by: Troy

My name is John O'Reilly and i came to Australia On a working visa in 1988. When i was growing up in country Ireland, i used to save every penny so i could travel and see as many live bands as i could afford. i traveled far and wide to festivals and concerts all over Europe from Micheal Jackson at Wembley arena (who i attended his 17th sold out concert out of 22 shows in 25 days and he blew everyone away no question. Kim Wild was his support act lol) to a very fresh Bono playing lunch time to at best 20 people in 1983 in a small pub in cable st Dublin (even then he played the 20 strong crowd as if there 100,000 which of course became the norm for U2 in later years) Anyway my point is, id like to think ive seen more band preform than ive had hot dinners. It has taken me 23 years while living in Australia to witness ICEHOUSE in action this year for the first time and let me just say this band is in my all time top 5 of preforming live bands. These guys are the real deal and value for money. Their dress sence is shocking on stage but thats what you go to an ICEHOUSE concert to see. ICEHOUSE ARE FANTASTIC LIVE AND A REALLY MUST SEE . its that simple. ICEHOUSE ROCK.

2010 - Present
Uploaded by: J.J. ORE

Sincere thanks to Iva and the band for putting on a fantastic show at the Dee Why RSL last month. Aside from the thrill of hearing so many of my favourite songs live, the show triggered a powerful flashback that put me in a bleary eyed and sentimental mood for days after!

I was struck by the opening refrain of the the song 'Icehouse.' It sent me reeling back to the memory of an Icehouse concert in 1986 where a highly strung teenager, somewhat melodramatic and no doubt tormented by some long forgotten drama was standing & staring into the same flickering laser light and listening to the same piece of music. I remember feeling frozen to the spot and struck dumb by the enigmatic power of those sounds. Visceral, Beautiful & haunting. The music resonated with me deeply and as I stood there unmoving, tears streamed down my face for the whole song.

It was an amazing memory and I had forgotten it.

It's been many years since I felt anything like that. I'm still not sure what it all meant but I do know that the 2012 show connected me with a more passionate and tempestous time in my life and I'm grateful for that.

Music was everything in the 80's.

Thank you Icehouse.

1984 - 1985 (Sidewalk era)
Uploaded by: Mister Matthews

Enmore Concert - Sydney - 03.11.12

I flew over from NZ especially for the Enmore Concert. I bought my ticket back in July without really thinking of how I was gonna pay for the flight & accommodation, but that I was going. After all you guys are my favourite band. I saved madly and did it.

ICEHOUSE you absolutley ROCKED, I hope you guys enjoyed performing as much as I enjoyed being at the concert it was AWESOME (dancing and singing along (probably way outa key) I had an Obsession Zone ticket B10 and that was the best definately up close and personal with the band. ICEHOUSE's performance was even more polished than the concert that I attended at the Villa Maria Winery in Auckland in January (also saw you in concert in the late 80's or early 90's can't quite remember). You guys just get better and better. Iva you still got it.

Also a huge thanks to Keith it was great to meet you and thank you so much for getting my ticket and things signed by Iva.

My story doesn't end their I still don't know how it happened but some of us die hard fans got to meet Iva and some of the band members after the concert we got some photo's etc for which I am eternally grateful. It is a memory that I will cherish forever - The biggest thank you to Iva and the band. ICEHOUSE we love you!!

Thanks to everybody that made it possible for us fans to see our favourite band!!!!!!!!!!!

All my best wishes for the coming festive season to you and your families. Be safe.

Hope & pray to see you all again at another concert in NZ soon.

Kind Regards

2010 - Present
Uploaded by: Maree

My girlfriend and I came all the way from Napier, New Zealand to see Icehouse AGAIN this year (Previous was 'A Day on the Green' in Napier)! When I bought the Obsession Zone tickets in June, I didn't have any idea how we were going to pay for flights, being that I took a year off to write my first novel (completed), and that she's been fighting cancer. But we did it, down to the wire, getting our plane tickets just a week before the concert.
And what a concert it was guys - from the very first beats and hypnotic visuals of 'Uniform' to the walk down memory lane of 'Get it On' I was thrilled. And apart from possibly upsetting someone in the audience who wanted to sit [who sits at an Icehouse gig in the 'Obsession Zone'????], I had an amazing time singing and dancing along with everyone at the front of the aisle. And though I didn't get to hear my favourite song, 'Dusty Pages', I got to enjoy yelling out 'O' to my second favourite 'I Can't Help Myself'. What a treat Iva! I hope and wish with all my might that you guys will make the trip across the ditch again and tour NZ very soon.
From the girl that wore the 'Primitive Man' coloured ribbons on one side of her head, and the 'Man of Colours' coloured ribbons on the other side, THANKS!

2010 - Present
Uploaded by: Dusty Pages

Hello. I just wanted to say that I only got the chance to see you guys play in concert last Friday night at the Revesby Workers Club for the very first time. You have always been my favourite band from the very beginning. I have all your Albums and CD's. To finally see you all live was a very special occasion for me - and I will say that you were brilliant. I hope to see you play again in the future. All the best of luck and thank you for all the great songs and memories over the years. Kindest regards, DAVID

2010 - Present
Uploaded by: David Screen

My Icehouse story 3.

My grandmother was an indigenous Australian from Central Western Queensland and in early 1986 when I was 19 I hitchhiked from Melbourne all the way to outback Queensland to meet her people and see her land firsthand. I remember the vast flat red hot landscape and strange scrub and trees which at twilight would melt like ghosts into darkness. I remember incredibly long dead-straight stretches of black bitumen highway roads slicing through the arid, hot and prehistoric landscape. I got lifts from all sorts of people from truckies to tourists but most of the lifts I got was from blackfellas. When I was reaching near to my destination of far western central Queensland I was picked up by a group of super cool blackfellas driving a mid 1970s Ford Falcon. They were all about my age and most were of my grandmother’s tribal group. There were 12 of them squashed into the old Ford and with me being the thirteenth passenger I was well and truly squashed in the back seat with seven of them. And they were big boys too and inside the car was made even cramped by their three slabs of beer which they all merrily drank as we drove at speeds of 120-180 KMPH along the highway for nearly three hundred kilometers in near fifty degree heat. Along the journey through this middle-of-nowhere in the isolated Aussie Outback we drove past and through enormous flocks of running Emus and bounding Kangaroos. These huge ‘stampedes’ of Emus and Kangaroos were each over five hundred strong. One flock of Emus we reckoned numbered over a thousand. It was amazing to be driving so closely alongside hundreds of sprinting Emus and racing Kangaroos as they often seemed to be running along with the car. Sometime the huge groups dangerously crossed the road behind us and in front of us though my new blackfella dude best friends weren’t worried at all.

And what made this surreal three-hundred kilometer road trip even more amazing was its soundtrack for the old Ford has the loudest car stereo system I had ever heard including big 3 foot high speakers pushed against the back window and the only cassette the blackfellas had was Icehouse’s Primitive Man album and they played Great Southern Land over and over full bore for most of the journey. Listening to the song played so loud whilst swerving through hundreds of sprinting Emus and bounding kangaroos in a Mars like landscape was totally awesome and amazing! I will never forget it and each time I hear Great Southern Land I remember that day. I also remember my blackfella mates saying how they believed Icehouse’s Great Southern Land was the best Aussie song ever and how they believed it best represented the spirit of the Dreamtime to them - and me too.

Ian S. Tassie.

1986 - (Measure for Measure era)
Uploaded by: Ian, Tassie

My Icehouse story 2.

In 1980 when I was 14 I became so obsessed with the Flower’s Icehouse album, which I listened to thousands of times, playing it over and over in my room for hours, that I actually bought a second copy of the album for the sake of folding both album covers out and sticking to my wall with blue tack – one showing the outer covers and the other showing the inner covers. I played the first LP I got so much I wore down the vinyl! I bought all the singles as well and I remember how I loved the design of the Regular Record’s labels, which also made be a bit of a Mentals As Anything fan because they were signed to Regular as well. I also remember being quite upset and distraught that We Can Get Together did not reach Number One on the Aussie music charts – I thought it was the best song ever and could not understand why it wasn’t as huge as I reckoned it should have been. And on Blue Tack I remember how I had my own bedroom in which I had a bunk bed and from the bottom bunk I used Blue Tack to spell out in 2 to 3 centimeter sized letters the entire text of the Icehouse album on the top bunk’s slats above me. I covered half the slats in the album’s title, track listings, band members, production credits etc. And I remember fretting over the long delay between the Icehouse album and the Primitive Man album and how the in-between Love In Motion single kept me going. I bought a few copies of that single too for sake of sticking the cover and even the discs on my wall.

Ian S. Tassie.

1977 - 1980 (Flowers era)
Uploaded by: Ian, Tassie

My Icehouse story 1.

In 1982 when I was 16 I camped outside my local record store in downtown Launceston, Tasmania on the morning the Great Southern Land single was released. I was beside myself for days before in anticipation of. I bought the 7 inch and the 12 inch and raced back home and didn’t go to college instead I listened to them all day.
Watching the Great Southern Land video clip for the first time on Countdown the night before was exhilarating in the only way a dreamy teen can experience such things. I loved the fashion of Iva Davies in the clip and immediately began dressing like him. I even eventually made a Super-8 movie to Trojan Blue which was a ‘copy’ of the Great Southern Land clip. I ended up missing so many of my classes by remaining the college’s social room and listening to Great Southern Land on the student’s stereo over and over.

Ian S. Tassie.

1977 - 1980 (Flowers era)
Uploaded by: Ian, Tassie

Hi ~~ We went to see Icehouse last Saturday night @ Sawtell RSL, it was great to see Iva bring his music back to the area where he was born and awesome to hear the sounds of our youth. We just loved the gig and Iva and the band delivered in everyway, just fantastic. The guitar shown here in the picture {Les Paul Gibson Black Beauty} now belongs to my husband and has done for many years. We tried to organise Iva to sign the guitar and my husband drove out on the following Sunday morning to where the band were staying but sadly due to several circumstances, did not get to meet with Iva. If anyone who's anyone reads this and feels they can assist with getting this done please feel free to contact me. Again, thanks for an awesome concert and I wish you well with the remainder of your tour. Cheers Debs :)

2010 - Present
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There are poignant moments that we remember, we 50 something year old gig junkies and who could forget Selinas @ Coogee..What a "colourful" place that was but oh so many fantastic gigs happened there with all of our Aussie iconic bands rolling through there as well as international acts and of course Icehouse. We were puppies then. I cannot remember the year, maybe someone else can. I will never forget the chill and excitement of the moment of entry of the band onto the stage that night. The place had been blackened out and all you could hear was the loud hum of the lead into this song which was extenuated for effect which went on and on and the effect of that was unbearable anticipation. The crowd was spell bound. Riveted. Dry ice clouds buffeted out of the stage and after a painful millenium of build up, Iva walks out of the fog singing, "It's so cold inside the Icehouse." The effect was mesmerising and the place just exploded. I still remember this concert as being one of the best times I have ever had. I have seen way too many. Last night, 30 years on...Really?!...I wanted that to happen again. Unbelievably, it almost did. I was slightly disappointed the lead in wasn't the same as then, but all the energy, Vitality and talent is still there and it was just as energetic and electric. Thanks Iva and the band for so many songs that carry so many precious memories.

1981 - 1983 (Primitive Man era)
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Just a weeny reply for 'PrismProcess' - I too have that VHS tape - I'm in New Zealand and it was on TV so I taped it. I never saw it anywhere to buy at the time...and (wink wink) internationally speaking, a few of us have helped each other over the years by sharing the material we couldn't find to buy due to rarity ;-D

1989 - 1992 (Code Blue era)
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Last night (10/10/12) I had the pleasure of seeing the band live at Waves in Wollongong.

Boys, first time Ive had the opportunity to see you play live, Ive been a fan for over 25years but wow, what a show.

Last night was the best live gig Ive seen this year. Waves is a good venue and you guys rocked that place... thanks for a great night... and for the ringing ears.

Looking now to book tickets for the Enmore theater

2010 - Present
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Hello Everyone,

My story is quite simple. I walked into HMV on Princes Street in Edinburgh to be confronted by side one of Sidewalk. I did what anyone sane would do and asked "What is that?". I had in the past listened to Hey Little Girl and even Can't Help Myself before that. However, this to me at least was the seminal moment when I knew I had found something to be cherished. I saw them at Murrayfield which only confirmed what I had heard. You might think that is my story.....guy likes But my story really begins now......

Some years later.... I was in a record shop in Glasgow looking at the "Ï" part of it all. Someone was looking over my shoulder and said "Do you like Icehouse?". I said yes, we got talking and he said he would send me something. I thought nothing of it. About 3 months later a VHS tape arrived from London through my door. On it was what appears to me to be a MTV Special made in Australia in which Icehouse perform live songs from Code Bleu. I hope this makes sense to someone as I have never been to Australia and have never seen any way to confirm the actual programme except what I see. What I know, all I know in fact, is that that person was very kind. I want to pass on that kindness but I don't know if anyone has what I have or even if it is allowed. Where better to ask? Even then and regardless of that......that is my story.

"Somewhere deep in the mountains
Somewhere wide of the landing lights
Missing in action
But I know he made it home
Home alright"

It's a funny thing. I often think that the Berlin Tapes are what I used to listen to until I found out someone else did as well. It is a matter of taste of course.

Thank you Iva et al.

1989 - 1992 (Code Blue era)
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In 1975 i was 9 yrs old.My parents moved from Melbourne to Merimbula in NSW,with my 12yo sister.They bought a General store,which my sis & I had chores to do before & after School & Week-Ends. I found making friends & my new school quite difficult. My pocket money was saved to buy a tape deck. My New Best Friend became MUSIC. Every 2nd week i would buy a new tape.Of course The Flowers then Ice-House were in my collection...Becoming my all time favorite Australian Band.I would take my tape-deck to school and play The Flowers/Ice-House at Swim Carnivals,Lunch breaks..& Soon won over some friends.They would ask me "Who sings That ?....I would proceed to tell them the history of The Flowers now Ice-House.I became some-what popular with a few Guys & Girls because of my taste in music.In 1981 , my sister died in a Car Accident..I was off school for a week for obvious reasons. When i went back to school, NONE of my so called friends would talk to me. I spose they just did'nt know how to re-act...So i Found my-Self with only my True Friend ...My Tape-Deck.I went to put on The Flowers-Ice-House tapes , only to re-member i had lent them to "Friends".. I Never got them back.I am now 46...& Still Love my Music. I'm Not into the latest Techno stuff,like I-Tunes..Still Pre_Fer to go to a shop & Buy my Music (C'ds ).I am a part time carer for a mate who also LOVES Ice-House.Last X-Mas he bought me "White-Heat".My most prized & Played CD.. I heard an advertisement on our local radio station that Ice-House are performing near us on the Gold-Coast in October.I so hope to go & Hope Iva will sign the Tee-Shirts we will purchase on the night.Thank-You ICE-HOUSE.

1981 - 1983 (Primitive Man era)
Uploaded by: Russ. ..Gold-Coast. QLD.

Went on a kinda blind date (had been introduced to Jackie a couple of nights earlier at the Bondi but was abit under the weather) a good mate Chris had organised the place we went was Selinas Coogee Bay it was November 1982..we clicked and thirty years later we're heading to Waves for the gig tomorrow night.
thanks Chris and thanks Iva for the music and the gig which changed my life

1981 - 1983 (Primitive Man era)
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Must have been autumn 1987 & we saw Icehouse at a Bankstown club (Sydney). Above the audience were coloured balloons held by nets & we figured it was something to do with the forthcoming album. But the set was hit songs from Flowers thru to Measure. The encore songs included Man of Colours & Crazy. What a treat! Must have been no more than 50 people there that night & I recall thinking how ridiculous it was that the place wasn't packed with 1,200. Well, a few weeks later Crazy was No.2 or whatever, Electric Blue has just hit the radio, the album was the talk everywhere & we rocked up to a Blacktown club & were lucky to cram into the joint before the 'sold out' sign went up. It was like someone had just flicked a switch. It was amazing period of success & popularity - and of course, well deserved!

1987 - 1988 (Man Of Colours era)
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After travelling around aus came home to melb for 21st b/day,won two tickets to see a band called Flowers who wer'e unknown to me.Dragged brother along to the debut of Icehouse and during the show kept looking at each other thinking where has this band been hiding.A couple of years later a song called Great Southern Land came out and was floored again because it told my story of travelling that I never could.Forever gratefull the stars aligned for me.....Watched icehouse perform recently and balled my eyes out with some great memories....

1977 - 1980 (Flowers era)
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When my Dad text me and said "I've just read in the 'paper that Icehouse are going to be at Church Road" I bolted on to the computer and booked my Gold Reserve tickets. It had been twenty years since I'd seen them last, and we were all a little older!
Me? I'm not one for all day concerts with other bands, but I'd do anything to see Iva sing... When Icehouse came on and started to play, it was fairly obvious that the majority of the rows in front of me had come for Hall and Oates (they stayed sitting), where the people around me and just behind me had come for Icehouse. We sang, we danced, we had a great time [I was the weird big chick in the black dress, black hat with the silver band and the 'Electric Blue' ribbons tied into my hair].
I'd forgotten to bring along my old T-shirts to be signed, but I bought up everything I could from the sales stand. And yes, I was one of the first in line to get Iva's autograph and have my picture taken...
The gig was amazing, the beat of 'Great Southern Land' was like a juggernaut through us, and I just wanted more more more...

2010 - Present
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Well, I was pretty bummed out when I wasn't allowed to go to the 'Man of Colours' gig in Palmerston North, New Zealand. It was the Sunday before school started and we lived two hours drive away. So when the 'Code Blue' tour came round, there was nothing that was going to stop me from going. My best friend and I were big fans, but my parents insisted I take my boyfriend along as well, for protection. I ignored him all night - my eyes and ears were firmly entrenched on the stage, and my feet wouldn't stay on the ground in my skintight black jeans and black tassel singlet top. We were probably four metres from the band, and the pulse that rippled through our bodies was, well, electric. I had chills running up and down my spine as Iva sung 'Icehouse', and it is an event I've never forgotten. The highlight of the night came after the second encore. Vast swathes of people thought 'well that's it' and started pushing their way out of the venue. But I know that it ain't all over until the houselights come up, and they hadn't. My friend and I ditched the boyfriend and rushed for the stage, arriving at the foot of it just in time for the band to come out for that one last time. Electric, there's nothing else to say about it! And incidentally, the boyfriend is long gone, and almost forgotten, but Iva Davies and Icehouse live on!

1989 - 1992 (Code Blue era)
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I came back to Australia in 1981 from being in England for two years and I heard the song 'We Can Get Together' on the radio and thought wow this band sounds great and decided I wanted to go and see them. I was turning 19 in October that year.
Later that year they were playing at Sydney Uni with a little relatively unknown band called Men At Work.
What a night it was to see Men At Work and then Flowers on stage. One of the best concerts I've ever been to.
The girl I invited to come with me that night seemed to spend most of her time in the toilet (I think she was nervous being out on a date) and missed a lot of the show.
After the show I dropped the girl I had invited home to and I remember she accidentally knocked over my motorbike as she was getting off it and I was pretty pissed off.
I never invited her out again but I always remember that night because of The Flowers.

1981 - 1983 (Primitive Man era)
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I went to a gig that Icehouse headlined (in around 1985) with probably Venetians or Boom Crash Opera supporting promoting the Sidewalk record. It was at the Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide. A great night was had by all. Well I was really buzzing and was high as a kite after the show. Anyway when I left the venue we had to cross a vacant block of land which had no lighting whatsoever, it was pitch black. In my excitement I ran as fast as I could to get to the car and fell awkwardly into a rather large hole and badly dislocated my ankle.
Very painful and embarrassing. All my mates loved it and ribbed me for hours after. I was on crutches for about a week after the night.
But it didn't take any of the gloss and irreplaceable feelings and emotions that came out watching Icehouse in their prime with one of the tightest bands of the eighties going round on the Aussie pub and club circuit. Icehouse were a big part of my youth and early twenties.

1984 - 1985 (Sidewalk era)
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Even before Iva....when he was oboist, Ivor - there was MUSIC CAMP!(1971) We had an innocent dalliance for a while.....;-)I still have a memento, because I knew he'd be famous one day. Love what he has done over the decades. Hey, Iva - I'm still single!

1977 - 1980 (Flowers era)
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In late 1987 (or early 88), I was a very poor freshman in college in Texas, very far from where I grew up in Massachusetts. My friend and I heard that Icehouse was playing in Dallas and we set out to find tickets. A local car dealership was GIVING away tickets if we test drove a car. So, we got our 18-year-old selves together and dressed in our finest clothing to try to appear as older, very serious potential customers, and eventually got our tickets after a few test drives and a lot of coaxing. I am sure we didn't fool anyone for a second, but I really didn't care as long as I had my ticket!

The night of the show arrived. It was general admission, so I made certain we were in the front row. No way I was going to be in the back when Icehouse hit the stage. Men Without Hats opened. I bet my friend I could get backstage. She told me if I did, she would buy me a tshirt at the gig. Game on! I weasled my way to the right side of the stage and darted behind a black curtain. There, I encountered some crew guys. Not sure who they were, exactly, but they looked pretty official and asked me where I was going. I told them I was with the student paper for the University of Dallas and flashed my school ID. I then said that I was hoping to interview the band for my paper. Of course, this was all completely made up on the spot, but I had a broken hand and I flashed my sad face and they probably felt bad for me! They let me hang around for a bit to wait to see if any of the band would come by while MWH were on stage. After a while, they kicked me out of the backstage area back to my spot in the front row. My friend was in awe of my "powers". Mission accomplished. I got backstage. I got my Man of Colours shirt. I kept it for almost 20 years and now I need to replace it!

1987 - 1988 (Man Of Colours era)
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I can't imagine that Iva Davies would ever remember me, however I thought I'd write with my memory of him.
I was a very young child and convinced mother to take me to the icehouse concert (at the hordern) she was going to with my aunt, as I loved listening to the man of colours tape. During the concert I left mum and wormed my way to the front of the stage. Security were concerned by the child in the crowd and picked me up and sat me on the stage to view the concert. Iva came over during the concert and asked me my name. I gave it to him and he dedicated 'hey little girl' to me and sang it to me.
This memory has stuck with me for my life so far, and I recently had it played for my wedding (as it is 'my song'!).

I can imagine that Iva Davies has a lifetime of such memories, but I thought he might like to know how a small moment has touched the life of another.

1981 - 1983 (Primitive Man era)
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