Electric Blue

First Released: 31-August-1987

“Electric Blue,” the second single release off Man of Colours ,proved to be ICEHOUSE’s biggest worldwide hit. It was the band’s first #1 hit in Australia and Top 10 song in the US, and had big sales in the UK & Europe. In Australia, “Electric Blue” was released as a 7” with “Over My Head” the B-side, a special 7” blue vinyl edition and a 12” which contained a 12” and 7” mix of the song with the Dub Version Mix as a B side. There were also special 12” mixes released in the UK, US and Europe. John Oates of Hall & Oates fame helped create and produce “Electric Blue” with Iva Davies.

AUS 7" K 389
A - Electric Blue
B - Over My Head

  AUS 12" X-14508
A - Electric Blue (12"); Electric Blue (7")
B - Electric Blue (Dub Version Mix)

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