First Released: 8-June-1987

“Crazy” was the first single off of ICEHOUSE’s fifth album Man Of Colours. The 7” B-side was the track “Completely Gone” and the 12” “Crazy (Mad Mix)” contained both “Crazy (Album Mix)” and “Crazy (Midnight Mix)”. “Crazy” made it to #2 on the AUS charts, Top 40 in UK & Europe and #10 in the US, where “Crazy” was also released as 12” 4-track disc with “Crazy (12” Mix)”, the Midnight Mix, the LP version and a live version of “No Promises.” There was an Australian video version of “Crazy” and another version made for the US market.

AUS 7" K 292
A - Crazy
B - Completely Gone

  AUS 12" X-132285
A - Crazy (Mad Mix)
B - Crazy (Album Mix); Crazy (Midnight Mix)

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