Big Fun

First Released: 23-July-1990

“Big Fun” was the first single released from ICEHOUSE’s seventh album Code Blue with the B-side track of “Nice Haircut, Wrong Planet.” The Big Fun 12” release included “Big Fun” (The Riddler Mix) and Big Fun (7” Version) on the A-side with “Big Fun: (The Mad Hatter Mix) on the B-side. “Big Fun” charted Top 50 though Iva Davies has described the song as “a shocking failure”.

AUS 7" K 10164
A - Big Fun
B - Nice Haircut, Wrong Planet

  AUS 12" X 14868
A - Big Fun 12" (The Riddler Mix); Big Fun 7
B - Big Fun (The Mad Hatter Mix)

AUS CDS D 10164
1. Big Fun
2. Are We Having Fun Yet?
3. Nice Haircut, Wrong Planet
  Produced, engineered and mixed
by Nick Launay

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