Circles in the Sky (August, 2000)

A written response from the New York office of Lou Reed to the 1995 re-recording by Iva Davies of Reed's Velvet Underground classic "All Tomorrow's Parties", contained on the ARIA finalist album "The Berlin Tapes", reads '...I'm flattered to have such talent interpreting my music...'.

There are few Australian contemporary composers and artists who can legitimately claim such accolades. Few can also make claim to the fact that Brian Eno has sung and played keyboards with them, that such respected artists as Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Yukuhiro Takahashi and Ryuichi Sakomoto (of the legendary Japanese collective Yellow Magic Orchestra), have, to name but few, extended personal invitations to tour, perform with or collaborate on compositions.

More recently such outstanding artists as the pioneering British electronic dance creators '808 State', Andy Partridge (the creative force of XTC), Jamaican Reggae legend Junior Delgado are among the numbers of many internationally respected musicians to work with this artist. This interaction with such icons bears witness to the high standing Iva Davies has long held in the contemporary music world.

It is recognised that his parallel interest in musical technologies has resulted in his pioneering the use of many of those technologies which have redefined the musical world over the last two decades. These include the first digital sampler, The Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument), and many others.

The chronicle of Iva Davies, the classically trained oboist, who became the creative force behind the punk/glam/electronic Australian band Flowers in the late 1970's is well known in Australasia and internationally.

Flower's first recording 'Icehouse' broke all records for debut sales in Australasia and, once launched internationally with its newly adopted name ICEHOUSE, the band went on to a career spanning 20 years which has achieved a string of top 40 hits (including many No.1's) in the USA, the U.K, Europe, Canada and beyond, as well as roughly 30 hits and sales approaching 2 million in Australasia alone.

But it is possibly the diversity and success of the more esoteric of Iva Davies projects which has inspired the interest and respect of the international community of artists and performers with whom he has worked.

The 1983 film score to the Russell Mulchay feature "Razorback" won an APRA award in that year.

Two highly acclaimed and successful contemporary dance works, "Boxes" (1985) and "Berlin" (1995), were created for The Sydney Dance Company with choreographer Graeme Murphy and various collaborators.

The 25 minute expansion of his seminal song about Australia, 'Great Southern Land', into the complex contemporary composition "The Ghost of Time" and its performance from the Opera House with Richard Tognetti, the Sydney Symphony and Taikoz for the Sydney Millennium Eve Celebration was broadcast to an estimated 2.5 billion international viewers.

It is from the most recent collection of compositions and recordings with international collaborators that this latest piece has emerged.

"Circles in the sky" has been selected by the Olympic Co-ordination Authority as the theme for the Olympic Live sites during the celebration of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and the piece is representative of the collection due for completion before the end of the year.

"Circles in the sky" will also be available as a streaming audio file from August 26th at