The Berlin Tapes - Iva Davies Profile (1985)
IVA DAVIES : Music Direction and Composition

Iva Davies, although better known as a successful popular musician, is an Associate in Music Australia (Distinction) and is a formally trained classical musician (oboe). He has already had a substantial and successful professional career in music spanning some twenty-five years.

First serious music training was during high school and his outstanding potential as an oboist won the first of a number of consecutive scholarships to the NSW State Conservatorium of Music where he continued tertiary studies in the Performer's Diploma Course.

During this time he perfomed extensively with professional ensembles, chamber groups as a soloist and with the Elizabethan Trust Opera Orchestra, and Symphony Orchestra. His parallel interest in popular music and ability as a guitarist/singer/composer led, in 1977, to the formation of the Australian musical group "Flowers" (later known as Icehouse).

As leader and founder of Icehouse, he has achieved substantial success both locally and internationally over a period of sixteen years. Icehouse has produced, over that period, roughly thirty local hit songs, a number of American and European Top 20 hits (including international number ones). Album sales are presently approaching two million in Australasia alone.

Icehouse has also accumulated awards including nine platinum recordings and multiple awards from ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association), APRA (Australian Performing Rights Association), ASCAP (USA Writers and Performers Association), Ampex Gold Records Awards and many others.

Iva has performed extensively throughout the USA, UK, Europe and Japan, as well as locally and can include in these highlights Madison Square Garden and a Royal Command Performance in 1989. Icehouse has also attracted arguably the largest live concert audience ever witnessed in Australia as headline performers at the opening of the Adelaide Arts Festival.

In the course of his work with Icehouse, Iva has been deeply involved in the application of new technologies in music. His knowledge and experience in the music and entertainment field has been acknowledged by the academic world with the publication of an invited paper by him on Information Technology in the Entertainment Industry and with several sessions of guest lecturing at the University of New England.

As a composer/songwriter Iva Davies has written over one hundred published songs, half of this number written by him alone and the remainder in collaboration with other members of Icehouse or other world-renowned songwriters who have sought association with him in the songwriting field. In the film score area, he composed the soundtrack music for Russell Mulchay's thriller Razorback, which won an AFI (Australian Film Industry) nomination and an APRA award in 1986.

In 1985 the ballet score Boxes was commissioned by the Sydney Dance Company and the resulting work conceived by Iva Davies, Robert Kretschmer and Graeme Murphy which opened on November 5, 1985 has remained the most successful Sydney Dance Company production to date and has achieved local and international recognition for both the choreographer and the composers.

The score of Berlin includes a number of songs by other recognised composers. Iva has had the pleasure of working with a great number of these writers over the years and the score has presented the opportunity of recognising some of these writers as influences and examples of his work.

Iva Davies and Icehouse are performing music live for the production of Berlin and the ensemble has been augmented by a number of musicians from such diverse musical backgrounds as classical, theatre and jazz.